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About Us

The current business profile of our company is a wide range of finishing works. Our experience is based on many years of practice in the construction market. Our clients are private individuals, enterprises and state institutions that value professionalism and reliability. Through the years of existence, we have gained among our clients the reputation of a solid and worth recommending company. By employing qualified employees and possessing appropriate equipment, we are able to cope with all tasks entrusted to us.

Our priorities!

If you care about the quality of work and it is for you THE MOST IMPORTANT PRIORITY , then you are in the right place.

Our work will give You 100% of satisfaction and help You to live happy in Your home.

  • all arrangements remain unchanged
  • we can provide certificates of Our work for your request
  • you find out about all costs immediately
  • a service that complies with the project and assumptions
  • final result with full satisfaction
  • we help in arranging large discounts for purchased materials
  • we help to transport material
  • we take care of residues and any unnecessary materials

Quartz sinters - as one of the few we have specialize in large format plates such as quartz sinters. Thanks to the experience gained and the appropriate knowledge and equipment resources, we are able to make this work in any place and conditions.

In addition to specialist work like laying quartz sinters we also offer basic works such as:

  • painting
  • filling
  • walls from drywall
  • tiles
  • plastering
  • electricity
  • hydraulics
  • furniture work


Use form or contact Us directly at kontakt@malexbud.pl