Our speciality

Sintered Quartz

Sintered quatz - what is it ?

Sintered quartz is made of natural materials such as shale clays, granite rocks and ceramic pigments. Advanced technologies used in the production process of plates, make them easy to clean and disinfect.


The sintered quartz can be used both, inside and outside without fear of losing their properties such as fading or erosion due to external conditions (temperature, sun rays).


Plates produced in this way are perfectly flat and can be later cut or finished with absolute accuracy. This allows you to achieve a perfect balance between the area of ​​3 m square and a thickness of even 3 mm.

Create process

The granulate is first compressed (8000 tons per 1 m2) and then as a result of the application of innovative technology - sintering of the granulate in a hybrid oven, fired at 1220 degrees.


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